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Before you post

Postby Edward_Lii » Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:45 am

Hello reader,

Before you post a question please read this post first.
To prevent meaningless posts and unresolved problems please try the following guidelines.

1. Make meaningful topic titles.
When you've got a problem the first thing you want is that the problem will be resolved.
And to attract more people to read your post and/or help you need a good title.
So don't choose titles like: Help me!, I've got a problem., It doesn't work!!! etc...

A lot of people won't even bother to read the post, so make a title that describes your problem.
For example: PoA crashes when I enter a door, Getting wired black stripes when click on Continue

2. Give a detailed description of your problem.
This is very important, because when you don't describe your problem good the next question is going to be:
What is the error you get?, Which version of PoA do you run?, When does this problem happen?
So give a short detailed description of your problem.

Don't forget these things:
    * Operating System
    * PoA version
    * Error and output

3. Have patience.
Don't expect your problem to be solved in the next few hours after you post.
It takes time before someone sees your post and replies.
If after a week or more there's still no reply then you're allowed to bump.

But most of the time when there's no reply there's something wrong with your title/post!

4. Be polite.
Remember that the ones who reply only want to help you.
And things they've said may not be as rude as they mean.

But it could happen that someone is really rude to someone.
In that case contact a moderator or me and we'll warn/ban that user if he's guilty.

Thanks for reading this post!
Have a nice day! ;)
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