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May 12

Development update #11

Posted on Thursday, May 12, 2011 in Development

Here’s another development update, it isn’t an exciting one mainly because there hasn’t changed a lot since the last.
The biggest change this time is converting the use of the scene id by the scene’s name.

It has several advantages to use the name instead of the index.
Here’s the situation before the change:
swappoint(54, 8, static) {
destination = 3,0,11,1

As you can see the destination is to scene 3. But which scene is scene three?
That depends on the order of the scenes which are defined in the World file:

The counting starts by 0, so the third scene will be the Castle Hall.
But what if the order of the scene changes, this means we need to change every destination to point to the new index.

Luckily this isn’t the case any more, the new swappoint code will look like this:
swappoint(54, 8, static) {
destination = CastleHall,0,11,1

Although the index of the scenes is still decided by the World file it isn’t important any more since it checks the scene name.

I hope to make more changes but I’ll be unable to do so the next few days. :(