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May 25

Improved site

Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 in Website

It’s already a day or two ago that the new site went online, it isn’t completely finished yet but it’s far enough to be shown.
The site is now powered by Drupal and the blog is running WordPress.
What I like the most about it, is that the blog looks almost the same as the rest of the site, that’s because the theme is based on the Absynthe theme.
Although Absynthe is originally a WordPress theme it has been ported to drupal. (link)

Have a look around:

Comments are welcome!

May 20

Art update

Posted on Friday, May 20, 2011 in Content

A while back I talked about a new artist.
Here’s something he worked on:

Click to enlarge

Jan 30

Development release V0.1.2

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2011 in Development, Release

PagesOfAdventure V0.1.2 is finally released. Sadly it isn’t released in a state I hoped to release it. That’s because the artwork isn’t done yet.

If you look at the TODO-list you’ll see that most of the tasks are done. But you can also see that there’s still some artwork needed. I found an artist who’s happy to help but set two conditions:

  1. He wants all the current artwork replaced. Tilesets, portraits, HUD, menu etc.
  2. And I may only release it when he’s done with replacing all the artwork so far.

Although these conditions are pretty strict I think it will work out perfect in the end. And don’t worry that the main character will be very different, I’ve seen the new one and I must say he’s almost the same except he hasn’t got that big head any more.

What does the future hold for PagesOfAdventure? Well, V0.1.2 is going to be a development release. This means that only a source and javadoc package will be released. And the next major release is probably going to be V0.1.5 (random version number :P ).

While the artist is creating the needed assets I’m going to keep an offline repository to keep revision, but I’m unable to commit the changes to the public SVN. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you up to date.

V0.1.5 will include better item management, weather, “magic” powers and scene instability.

Nov 6

OpenGameArt contribution

Posted on Saturday, November 6, 2010 in Content

Because the artwork made for PagesOfAdventure is under the CC-BY-SA license I thought it would be a good idea to release some of the artwork on I’m not going to put every piece of artwork there because I think some pieces will be unusable. For example the sprite sheet of the UnFinished. Only one of the four stand sprites is made.

I’ve currently released three art pieces:

Keep watching because some more artwork will follow!