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Feb 12

Development update #9

Posted on Saturday, February 12, 2011 in Development

As I promised I’m going to keep you updated. I’ve mostly been working on weather effects and adding more audio effects. Let’s see what has been added:

First of all there’s now a basic implementation of weather.
Here’s a demonstration video:

PagesOfAdventure Weather effects from Edward Lii on Vimeo.

How does it work?
Every SceneState has an ArrayList of weather effects. The effects are loaded from the scene file and are declared like this:
weather = Overlay,0,0,0,0.6
weather = Rain,-0.1,1.5,2
weather = Thunder,5000,0.5

The effects will be updated and rendered in this sequence. The first effect is the Overlay effect, this will draw a color on top of the scene. In this case it’s a semi-transparent black.
The second effect is the rain effect, the rain has an speed of -0.1 along the x-axis and a 1.5 along the y-axis. There are two drops per 100x100px.
And the last weather effect is thunder. This will show a flash which slowly fades away. In this case a new flash will appear after ~5sec (5000 ms).

To make sure the weather isn’t moving with you it gets the Camera class passed with every update which contains the changes along the x and y-axis.

After a thunder flash a random thunder sound will be played. In total there are twelve sounds which I found on here:

Sound effects
I’ve also been working on some sound effects.

  • Menu buttons now produce a click sound.
  • Added PlaySound effects for conversations and EventPoints.
  • Added Audio points which can play sounds with an radius, the further away the softer it sounds.
  • No background music is now possible.

Bring on the comments

  1. qubodup says:

    hmm.. the thunder could still be heard at 25-50% volume inside houses :) although this might be too complicated, since there are different buildings and walls possible…

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